Our high energy mobile process heaters are engineered to deliver reliable, safe, efficient, unmatched performance for de-icing and other mobile process heater applications.

Our products, originally developed and rigorously tested for use by the United States Air Force, have been used for military and commercial ground support applications for over 30 years. The SAGE Heater products are designed for years of dependable service,  and can be customized to meet the needs of our customers. With a smaller, more powerful design, our process heaters run on 12 or 24 volt power and reach full power (180 degrees/60 gallons per minute) in under 5 minutes. The Sage Heater provides up to 13 available power stages with a 1-6 turn down ratio as well as an industry leading multi-level safety system.  These features combine to take on the most challenging mobile process heat applications.


Features & Benefits

High Quality, Durable Materials

We only use warrantied heavy duty stainless steel coil heat exchange tubing in all of our process heaters. Our parallel heat exchanger coil system is engineered to minimize pressure drop. By using heavy gauge coated steel structural components and -2300°F+, alumina-silica refractory materials we maximize the life of our products. Each heater, manufactured in house, is stainless steel wrapped for durability.

Unparalled Performance

Our hydraulically driven portable process heaters increases performance, are safer and more reliable and provide cost savings. Reaching full power in less than 5 minutes, our systems output 180 degrees/60 gallons of water per minute. With 13 levels of power and 1 to 6 turn down ratios, our heaters minimize operating "on" time which reduces emission levels.

Parts and Refurbishing

While our heaters often outlast the de-icing trucks they are installed in, we stock warrantied spare parts for your repair needs. Our skilled fabricators also extend the life of your heater with our reliable refurbishing services

Research & Development

To further our goal of improving the thermal efficiency while minimizing emissions levels, we conduct internal R&D and worked with a NYS University to deliver the best product possible.

Sage Heater Side Feature View

Product Line Highlights

Safe | Tested | Reliable
Sage Heater Control Box icon

1. Control Box

Microprocessor based Control Box with automatic purge, restart and safety monitoring.

2. Burner Assembly

Fuel control and ignition for multi-burner system. Hydraulically driven fuel supply & calibrated atomization of the fuel-air mix.

Sage Heater Hydraulic blower

3. Head Assembly

Hydraulically driven blower which balances airflow with the fuel. Provide consistent static pressure for reliability.

Sage Heaters Coils

4. Heat Exchange

Parallel stainless steel coils to ensure high volume fluid flow. Safety monitoring of the input and output fluids.

5. Dimensions

OAH 52” OAL 75” Weight 1350 lbs.

See the Sage Heater in Action

Aircraft Ground Support - DEICING

We manage all the necessary requirements such as warranty, support, and R&D and have a continuous improvement policy in place.


  • 12 or 24 VDC power and hydraulic configuration
  • Fully Automatic, self monitoring operation with six levels of safety assurance.
  • Highly efficient operation. Heater automatically cycles off and on based on temperature profile.
  • Closed flame design for safety and reliability.
  • Thoroughly tested at Maloya’s Facility using closed loop test stand to assure optimum performance and operating safety
  • Insulated closed flame design
  • Hydraulic blower and fuel assembly
  • Complete fuel and ignition system
  • Closed flame design for safety and reliability. Parallel flow to reduce pressure drop
  • Wiring harnesses included
  • Stainless steel coils
  • Top Exhaust outlet (exhaust manifold additional)
  • Double wall Insulated construction
  • Diesel Fuel operation to ensure maximum safety
  • Removable burner assembly for convenient maintenance
  • Dimension: OAH 52” OAL 75” Weight 1350 lbs.
  • Microprocessor based Control Box with Automatic purge, restart and safety monitoring
  • Flame sensor
  • Flow switch
  • Air switch
  • Overtemp switch
  • Temp cycle switch
  • Overboard pressure relief

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